TED-style talks at our 2015 Summer Academy

Friday January 08, 2016

Since 2014, Global Environments Summer Academy (GESA) participants have shared their research and passion through the medium of GESAx talks. These are modeled on the famous TEDx talks, which are about ‘ideas worth spreading’. In 2015, we were lucky to have a fantastic venue at the Progr Auditorium in Bern where participants presented their talks.

GESAx talks at GESA 2015

The talks covered as wide a range of topics as the diversity of our 21 participants. For example, Gloria Kendi from Kenya spoke about Re-chiseling the African three-legged stool, Lázsló Demeter from the Ukraine’s talk asked What can we learn from old oaks? and Karlis Rokpelnis, a Latvian academic based in China, spoke about not finding traditional ecological knowledge in China, but finding hope for empowerment nonetheless.

GESAx talks at 2015 GESA

The talks were recorded using video and photography, are being edited by GDF’s Media Director Inanc Tekguc, and are available for viewing on the Global Diversity Foundation YouTube channel.