Pablo Domínguez

  • Communal Governance Systems Consultant

Pablo Domínguez is an Environmental Anthropologist (BSc Environmental Biology & PhD Social Anthropology) based at the French National Council for Scientific Research. From 2000 to 2010, his main theoretical question focused on how symbolical-cultural-religious representations and socio-material uses of the environment relate to each other. During this period, Pablo centred most of his research on the Maghreb, particularly on the agro-silvo-pastoralism of Amazigh/Berber populations of the High Atlas of Morocco and their “agdal” community-based governance of natural resources.

Since then, and as Pablo continues developing and deepening his knowledge about these systems in Morocco, he is also expanding his research to new populations of agro-silvo-pastoralists in mountain sites across the Mediterranean region, such as the Pyrenees and the Andalusian Baetic mountains, as well as in East Africa (Kenya and Tanzania). In this context, his present and future agenda concentrates on how to systematically address customary commons / ICCAs from a holistic and transdisciplinary (eco-anthropological) perspective, as well as on seeking possible channels of support for these systems, particularly from a heritization and political ecology perspective, as they have proved to be vectors of environmental conservation at the same time as sources of meaningful livelihoods that give life to strong cultural frameworks with deep historical roots.

Pablo is Communal Governance Systems Consultant for Global Diversity Foundation’s High Atlas Cultural Landscapes programme.