Marina Aman Sham

After receiving her Diploma in Hotel Management from Les Roches, Switzerland in 1997, Marina Aman Sham ventured into hotel and tourism management in Tsavo East National Park, a protected area in Kenya. Her experience exposed her to wildlife and community conservation initiatives, propelling her focus on the wellbeing of nature and people. In 2002, she returned to Sabah, Malaysia, where she worked with local communities on rural women entrepreneurship. Marina went on to graduate with a Marketing and Public Relations Degree from Curtin University, Western Australia in 2007. Since then, she has worked on communications, education, research and management projects with local and international nonprofit organisations.

Marina is a native Sabahan who speaks English and Bahasa Malaysia. In her role as Communications Coordinator, she supports initiatives to showcase GDF’s work in the Mediterranean and with the Global Environments Network.