Cécile Michiardi

Cécile Michiardi graduated in literature and journalism from l’Institut Supérieur des Médias de Paris (ISCPA), Paris. She worked on various nonprofits focusing on human rights — with a particular focus on asylum seekers, the death penalty and torture — for seven years in France and Nepal as a communications officer. She moved to Morocco for the first time in 2011, working as a journalist for a year before joining a permaculture farm project in a remote area in the north of Morocco as a volunteer. Over two years, Cécile learned about organic farming and bio-construction from Moroccan farmers and foreign students. Back in France, she dedicated her time between human rights and environmental projects.

Returning to Morocco (Marrakesh) in 2017, she became part of the GDF team as Programme and Partnerships Manager for the Global Migrants Project that she and Edward Martin created. Her responsibilities include coordinating programmes on health care, legal support and job opportunities in partnership with Moroccan institutions, and developing intercultural activities and spaces involving migrants communities. Beyond providing basics necessities for migrants to help their intergration in Moroccan society, the Global Migrants Project aims to change the way we look at migrant people by highlighting African cultural diversity and its positive impact on host societies.