Dr. Emily Caruso

Director of GDF U.K.

As Director of the Global Diversity Foundation in the UK, Emily Caruso supervises GDF's growing Mediterranean Regional Programme. She is also Advisor to the Global Environments Network....

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Nessie Reid

GEN Director and GESA Programme Director

As Director of the Global Environments Network, Nessie Reid is responsible for envisioning the future of GEN and maintaining a dynamic and productive network....

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Dr. Gary J. Martin

GDF & GEN Founder and Mediterranean Programme Lead Consultant

Dr. Gary J. Martin, a cultural anthropologist and ethnobotanist, is founder of Global Diversity Foundation, Global Environments Summer Academy and Global Environments Network. ...

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Pommelien da Silva Cosme

Morocco Programme Director

As GDF’s Morocco Programme Director, Pommelien da Silva Cosme works closely with our UK Director to ensure the successful implementation of the High Atlas Cultural Landscapes Programme, including field operations....

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Dr. Ugo D’Ambrosio

Scientific and Technical Advisor, GDF Mediterranean Programme

As Scientific and Technical Advisor of GDF’s Mediterranean Programme, Ugo D'Ambrosio provides guidance in matters relating to ethnobiology and biocultural diversity, agroecology, governance systems, local commercialisation, capacity building and participatory methods....

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Manish Panjabi

Finance and Administration Manager

As Finance and Administration Manager, Manish Panjabi supports Global Diversity Foundation’s day-to-day operations and has strategic oversight of the organisation’s global budget and financial monitoring systems.  ...

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Samirah Siddiqui

GEN Programme Coordinator

As the GEN Programme Coordinator, Samirah works on programme development and implementation, and supports community building and engagement to nourish productive collaborations amongst GEN members....

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Eda Elif Tibet

Visual Anthropology Lead & Media Outreach Coordinator

As Visual Anthropology Lead & Media Outreach Coordinator, Eda Elif leads and coordinates in shaping a visionary media outreach strategy that amplifies GDF’s vision for a more just and regenerative planet earth....

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Eda Elif Tibet profile photo

Simran Rawat

Communications Coordinator

In her role as Communications Coordinator, Simran Rawat supports the visibility of GDF’s work and that of the Global Environments Network within it. She also coordinates communications for the Alliance for Mediterranean Nature and Culture, in which GDF serves as the Communications Overarching Initiative. She holds an M.Sc. in Social...

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Louisa Aarrass

Outreach and Programme Curator

Louisa Aarrass is an English-Morrocan artist and researcher based in Morocco who is currently working for GDF as the Outreach and Programme Curator. In this role, Louisa curates public programming and visual outputs to expand and diversify the dissemination of GDF’s work. Using participatory research and photo-based work, she is...

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Hannah McGurk

Finance and Administration Officer

As Finance and Administration Officer, Hannah McGurk facilitates Global Diversity Foundation’s day-to-day operations and monitors the organisation’s global budget....

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Tasnim Elboute

Policy Analysis and Dissemination Consultant

Tasnim Elboute's collaboration with GDF is focused on the legal and policy environment of GDF's work as well as policy implications of its projects....

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Hafida Mazoud

Rural Entrepreneurship Consultant

Hafida Mazoud joined Global Diversity Foundation as Rural Entrepreneurship Consultant in May 2021 after completing her Master's degree in Food Science and Innovation at Manchester Metropolitan University....

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Inanc Tekguc

Media Director

From Cyprus, Inanc Tekguc's perspective in photography and videography is complemented by his MA in visual anthropology from the University of Kent (UK)....

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Dr. Susannah McCandless

North America Director

Susannah McCandless, North America Director of Global Diversity Foundation and Advisor of the Global Environments Network, facilitates North America-based GEN regional academies and community exchanges....

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