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The work that we do would not be possible without our sponsors and supporters who contribute financially and in kind to our programmes. To make a donation, please select one of the boxes below. Thank you!

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Support migrants in North Africa

Our Global Migrants Project ensures people migrate out of choice rather than necessity, travel in humane conditions, and successfully integrate in host societies.

Support girls’ education in Morocco

GDF provides girls from rural communities the opportunity to learn about gardens, cultural heritage and environmental stewardship.

Support global environmental leaders

We support emerging changemakers by promoting peer-to-peer learning, training in communication skills and practical action.



Donate to our Mediterranean Programme

We strengthen traditional practices and enhance wellbeing of communities that conserve High Atlas cultural landscapes.

Provide general support for GDF

We work to protect Earth’s vast biological and cultural diversity and to enhance community wellbeing.

Donate to our North America Programme

We build networks of support for indigenous nations and peoples as they continue to face challenges defending their land and waters.

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Benefit 700 Moroccan girls through school gardens

After restoring underused grounds of urban schools in Marrakech, GDF is expanding its efforts to rural schools in the foothills of the High Atlas mountains, where girls are learning about gardens, cultural heritage and environmental stewardship. We are focusing on Dar Taliba, a boarding house in the Ourika Valley that provides an opportunity for 120 teenage girls per year to continue their formal studies while acquiring knowledge about the traditional use of plants from their elders.



Support 100 global emerging environmental leaders

The Global Environments Network supports emerging changemakers by promoting peer-to-peer learning and communication skills training. Working from local to global scales, these leaders draw on superb academic backgrounds and inspiring field experiences to develop practical actions – often out of the public eye – that improve local livelihoods, resolve conflicts and restore environments. These inspiring efforts are benefiting their communities, their countries and the world as a whole.



Global Migrants Project to support migrants in North Africa

Through the Global Migrants Project, Global Diversity Foundation is addressing the needs and providing opportunities for more than 500 Central and West African migrants in Morocco. This is a compelling place to explore solutions to broader migration issues because it faces the triple challenge of being a country of departure, transit and destination. Our approach could eventually be expanded to support migrants all along migratory corridors from sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East to Europe.