Social media training for rural cooperatives

This illustrated report provides an overview of a training workshop, held in March 2021, that built the capacity of rural cooperatives of the Azilal region to promote local culinary products through social media.


Produits du Haut Atlas Marocain, Le panier Amazigh

This colourful booklet featuring local and useful plant products selected by the students we work with in the High Atlas includes drawings produced by the students themselves, and more!


Cultural Practices of Conservation in the High Atlas

The landscapes of the Moroccan High Atlas have been shaped by close relationships between humans and natural environments for millennia. These cultural landscapes are maintained by the traditional practices of the Amazigh indigenous peoples who manage them. These practices support a regional biodiversity hotspot and ensure social and ecological resilience. This public report, a short summary of the research carried out in the High Atlas and the result of 300 interviews and 15 focus groups over two years, aims to increase understanding about the importance of these practices.


Rapport sur l’analyse juridique de l’impact des lois, politiques et institutions sur les aires et territoires du patrimoine communautaire au Maroc


Plantes médicinales d’Imegdale: Livre pour les enfants

This traditional knowledge teaching tool for Amazigh children features the most culturally important plants in Imegdale.


Co-enquiry and Participatory Research for Community Conservation: a Methods Manual

This methods manual is designed as an overarching tool for engaging in co-enquiry processes with indigenous and local communities. It includes arguments in support of co-enquiry as best practice, guidance on how to approach each element of the research cycle using co-enquiry, descriptions of co-enquiry approaches to monitoring, evaluation and dissemination, and reflections on the relationship between co-enquiry and advocacy.


Conducting and Communicating Ethnobotanical Research: a Methods Manual

This methods manual emerged directly from a 10-day intensive Ethnobotanical field course organised in the Moroccan High Atlas by GDF and University of Kent in collaboration with MedPlant in September 2014. It covers ethics, anthropological methods, botanical methods and effective science communication, providing numerous examples and case studies to illustrate the methods covered.

Ulu Papar Tales

This booklet features 9 oral histories and tales of strength, conflict and peacemaking on Dusun territory. Revealed by elders from Ulu Papar, these stories demonstrate their people’s long and continuous presence in the area and contribute to a valuable base of knowledge on Ulu Papar. Community researchers interviewed village elders, using their skills in participatory video (a community filmmaking approach) to document tales of origin, war, heroism and much more, and transforming Ulu Papar oral histories into the written word.