Proceedings from the COMBIOSERVE Conference published online

The international conference Community Conservation in Latin America: Innovations in Research and Practice took place in the Mexican town of Xico, in the state of Veracruz, 6-9 November 2014. The conference was organised by the COMBIOSERVE consortium, a group of research institutions and civil society organisations carrying out a European Union funded project (under the aegis of Framework Programme 7) entitled Assessing the effectiveness of community-based management of biocultural diversity.

Gathering 160 participants from all over Latin America and beyond – 55 of whom were members of indigenous and rural communities– the conference’s innovative format provided a forum for a dialogue of equals between indigenous and community experts, academics and practitioners. Participants discussed cutting-edge research on community-based management practices and their impact on biocultural diversity and livelihoods.

Following a peer-review process, a selection of conference articles has been published as COMBIOSERVE Conference Proceedings and are available for download.