Global Environments Network

The Global Environments Network (GEN) supports, nurtures and connects inspiring changemakers who are innovating solutions to apparently intractable environmental and social problems. Working from local to global scales, they are drawing on superb academic backgrounds and inspiring field experiences to develop practical actions – typically out of the public eye – that improve local livelihoods, resolve conflicts and restore environments. These inspiring efforts are benefitting their communities, their countries and potentially the world as a whole.

The five pillars that underpin the Global Environments Network are interwoven. The Network is composed of alumni, core faculty and resource people from GEN events: Global Environments Summer Academies, Global Environments Regional Academies and Community Environmental Leadership Exchanges. They collaborate as organisers and/or resource people on further GEN events and join forces to implement projects funded by the Alumni Innovation Fund, using the GENet as their tool for online interaction, discussion and collaboration.


We are currently organising the sixth Global Environments Summer Academy (GESA 2018): find out more here!


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Global Environments Summer Academies

The cornerstone of GEN, our summer academies connect and empower emerging environmental changemakers through peer-to-peer learning and sustained interactions that promote both individual and collaborative efforts. Participants benefit through networking opportunities, enhanced communication skills and cutting-edge, transdisciplinary reflection.

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Global Environments Regional Academies

Regional academies bring together participants from neighboring countries to focus on a specific environmental or social theme and to witness compelling case studies of environmental resilience, ecological restoration and community adaptation to change.


Community Environmental Leadership Exchanges

These indigenous-led initiatives convene indigenous environmental professionals and practitioners. Exchanges foster peer-to-peer exchange of innovative methodologies, examples, strategies and tactics to strengthen sovereignty and regenerate traditional knowledge. They aim to enhance wellbeing at community and landscape scales, seeding durable networks for mutual support.


GENet online platform

The GENet allows our community to intensively network with one another. This emerging online communication platform hosts areas for alumni collaboration and for organising GEN initiatives, a multidisciplinary library of resources, training events, and much more.

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Alumni Innovation Fund

The Alumni Innovation Fund stimulates the GEN community to continue working together, across cohorts, to further their creative efforts embracing advocacy, environmental and social justice, and ethical approaches in their fields. By supporting collaborative initiatives of shared learning, convening and progressive thinking and action, the Fund brings science, policy and practice together.

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