A team of motivated and inspired Global Environments Summer Academy alumni co-organised the Latin American Academy of Socio-Environmental Leadership (ALLSA), held in November 2015. Ana Elia Ramón Hidalgo reflects on the entire experience, writing about how it all began as a discussion during the Global Environments Summer Academy she attended in 2014, the development of objectives based on their mutual aspiration to “create a dynamic co-learning space and process that would catalyse young leaders’ capacity to act and inspire more people to work toward the great social and environmental transformation, from small communities to international fora”, and the selection process that eventualised a diverse group of participants at this first regional academy, a Global Environments Network event, held in Dominican Republic.

She says,

I believe that one of the keys of the success of ALLSA was the diversity of countries of origin, gender, communities, indigenous and local perspectives as well as the diversity of personal and professional experiences that were represented in the group of finalists and mentors.

Ana Elia continues by describing the interactions and networking within this dynamic group that now seeds future collaborations, and the ideas and recommendations for future regional academies.


Participants engaged in a personal visioning exercise guided by ALLSA co-organiser, Daniel Abreu, and based on Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects. (Credit: Ana Elia)

Ana Elia includes testimonials that aptly characterises ALLSA’s uniqueness:

The dynamic at ALLSA was extraordinary, it had something that many academic spaces still struggle to create: a collective spirit. [excerpt]

ALLSA was a party, a challenge, unlearning in order to learn, a re-encounter with myself and with my brothers and sisters. [excerpt]


Read Ana Elia’s full piece on the Global Environments Network website (Spanish version).