Dr. Emily Caruso

Director of GDF U.K.

As Director of the Global Diversity Foundation in the UK, Emily Caruso supervises GDF's growing Mediterranean Regional Programme. She is also Advisor to the Global Environments Network....

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Nessie Reid

GEN Director and GESA Programme Director

As Director of the Global Environments Network, Nessie Reid is responsible for envisioning the future of GEN and maintaining a dynamic and productive network....

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Dr. Gary J. Martin

GDF & GEN Founder and Mediterranean Programme Lead Consultant

Dr. Gary J. Martin, a cultural anthropologist and ethnobotanist, is founder of Global Diversity Foundation, Global Environments Summer Academy and Global Environments Network. ...

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Pommelien da Silva Cosme

Morocco Programme Director

As GDF’s Morocco Programme Director, Pommelien da Silva Cosme works closely with our UK Director to ensure the successful implementation of the High Atlas Cultural Landscapes Programme, including field operations....

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Manish Panjabi

Finance and Administration Manager

As Finance and Administration Manager, Manish Panjabi supports Global Diversity Foundation’s day-to-day operations and has strategic oversight of the organisation’s global budget and financial monitoring systems.  ...

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Marina Aman Sham

Communications Coordinator

As Communications Coordinator, Marina supports initiatives to showcase Global Diversity Foundation’s work in the Mediterranean through its website, in print and through other outreach platforms and tools....

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Dr. Soufiane M’sou

As GDF’s Project and Field Coordinator, Soufiane M'sou manages project activities and collects data related to its Ethnobiology Programme. He focuses on territories and areas conserved by indigenous peoples and local communities (ICCA), and carries out research on policy and governance....

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Dr. Abdellah Aghraz

Project and Field Coordinator

As Project and Field Coordinator, Abdellah Aghraz carries out actions on biodiversity conservation (nursery and seed bank implementation and flora data analysis), bio-cultural knowledge documentation, and strengthening capacities of local communities in the Oukaïmeden commune....

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Dr. Rachid Ait Babahmad

Project and Field Coordinator | MBLA Team Coordinator

As Global Diversity Foundation's Project and Field Coordinator and MBLA Team Coordinator, Rachid Ait Babahmad manages project activities, collects data related to biodiversity, implements biodiversity conservation actions and builds capacity of community researchers in field research....

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Omar Saadani Hassani

Field Agronomist Researcher

Omar Saadani Hassani, Field Agronomist Researcher with Global Diversity Foundation, is responsible in implementing research and capacity-building activities in the High Atlas....

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Dr. Mohamed Ouknin

Local Product Commercialisation Coordinator

Dr. Mohamed Ouknin, Global Diversity Foundation's Local Product Commercialisation Coordinator, holds a PhD in Biotechnology and the Valorisation of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants from the Faculty of Science and Techniques-Errachidia, Moulay Ismail University....

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Sabah Bahij

Field Researcher in Social Sciences

In her role as a Field Researcher in Social Sciences, Sabah Bahij leads the development of environmental activities at schools in the High Atlas, as part of GDF's Youth and Biocultural Education programme....

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Dr. Ugo D’Ambrosio

Scientific and Technical Advisor, GDF Mediterranean Programme

As Scientific and Technical Advisor of GDF’s Mediterranean Programme, Ugo D'Ambrosio provides guidance in matters relating to ethnobiology and biocultural diversity, agroecology, governance systems, local commercialisation, capacity building and participatory methods....

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Dr. Hassan Rankou

Biodiversity Conservation Consultant

As Biodiversity Conservation Consultant for Global Diversity Foundation, Hassan Rankou advises and is actively involved in the conservation assessment of species and habitat , in collaboration with institutional stakeholders in Morocco....

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Dr. Susannah McCandless

North America Director

Susannah McCandless, North America Director of Global Diversity Foundation and Advisor of the Global Environments Network, facilitates North America-based GEN regional academies and community exchanges....

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Inanc Tekguc

Media Director

From Cyprus, Inanc Tekguc's perspective in photography and videography is complemented by his MA in visual anthropology from the University of Kent (UK)....

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Eda Elif Tibet

Media Consultant

Eda Elif Tibet, an independent documentary filmmaker and an anthropologist from Istanbul, is founder of Karma Motion and the collaborating film-maker for Global Diversity Foundation`s new narratives on cultural landscapes and migration in the Mediterranean....

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Pablo Domínguez

Communal Governance Systems Consultant

Pablo Domínguez, an Environmental Anthropologist based at the French National Council for Scientific Research, is Communal Governance Systems Consultant for Global Diversity Foundation....

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Mohamed El Haouzi

Morocco Field Officer

GDF’s longest collaborator in Morocco since 2003, Mohamed El Haouzi implements many of our field-based activities in Morocco....

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Fatema Wahmane

Community Liaison and Dar Taliba Focal Point

In her role as Community Liaison and Dar Taliba Focal Point, Fatema Wahmane coordinates all of the Dar Taliba school garden project field activities....

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Edward Martin

Project Consultant, Global Migrants Project

As a project consultant, Edward Martin leads the Global Migrants Project, a new Global Diversity Foundation initiative supporting West and Central African migrants stranded in Morocco....

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Cécile Michiardi

Programme and Partnerships Manager, Global Migrants Project

As Programme and Partnerships Manager for the Global Migrants Project, Cécile Michiardi coordinates programmes on health care, legal support and job opportunities in partnership with Moroccan institutions, and develops intercultural activities and spaces involving migrants communities....

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Carlos del Campo

Mexico Biocultural Territories Coordinator

Since 2007, Carlos del Campo has been working with Anima Mundi – Investigación y Acción Biocultural and Global Diversity Foundation in projects supporting community conservation in Oaxaca, Mexico, and supporting both organisations with internet projects....

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