What We Do

Global Diversity Foundation believes that our future depends on our respectful engagement with the vast biological and cultural diversity of Earth. We work to protect this diversity and enhance socioecological wellbeing. We carry out collaborative biocultural projects that build resilience, foster innovation and promote learning. Our work contributes to the growing global transition towards justice, respect and dignity for all beings.

At the grassroots, through our regional programmes, we support communities as they improve their livelihoods while respecting environmental processes and make autonomous, informed decisions regarding their lands, resources and futures. At the global scale, we strengthen the knowledge, networking and communication skills of emerging environmental changemakers through the Global Environments Network.

Celebrating a decade and a half of work to protect biocultural diversity, enhance local sovereignty and catalyse learning and action for transformation

Global Diversity Foundation’s work began in 2000 with a broad vision of supporting agricultural, biological and cultural diversity. We have sought to promote biocultural diversity around the world through research, training and practical action. Over the last 15 years – in the field with communities and internationally with environmental changemakers – our mission has evolved to encompass a focus on environmental and social justice, community resilience and wellbeing in the face of global change.

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