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Global Diversity Foundation believes that our future depends on our respectful engagement with the vast biological and cultural diversity of Earth. We work to protect this diversity and enhance socioecological wellbeing. We carry out collaborative biocultural projects that build resilience, foster innovation, and promote learning. Our work contributes to the growing global transition towards justice, respect and dignity for all beings.


Global Environments Network

The Global Environments Network empowers inspiring changemakers who are innovating solutions to apparently intractable environmental and social problems. It is a global action network with the goal of reaching thousands of people in over a hundred countries through regional academies and community exchanges, creating a powerful interconnected group of emerging environmental change makers.


Since 2000, GDF has launched vibrant applied collaborative research programmes with indigenous communities in Mesoamerica, North Africa, Southeast Asia and southern Africa. In collaboration with local and national institutions, we provide training and advocacy to support communities as they design and implement their own initiatives to maintain local environments and enhance their livelihoods and wellbeing. At an international level, GDF promotes biocultural diversity through training, documentation and networking opportunities.