Ulu Papar Biocultural Heritage Congress

The Ulu Papar Biocultural Heritage Congress, funded through a Darwin Initiative project, took place on 18-22 Apr 2012 in Buayan village. It was attended by 112 delegates representing 6 communities from 4 districts across Sabah, government and non-government agencies. The Congress heard 22 oral presentations delivered in 8 thematic sessions covering community conservation, tagal (indigenous fisheries management), traditional knowledge, medicinal plants, agricultural management and community reforestation, land rights, community ecotourism and sustainable development.


Community leaders convened two roundtable sessions that resulted in a nine-point draft resolution calling for joint action to resolve problems faced by the Ulu Papar community and provide support for the endogenous development goals of the community. Finalised on 1 June (and officially named the Ulu Papar Congress Resolution), the resolution was signed by heads of delegations from all of the 6 participating communities at the Congress as a sign of unity and support for Ulu Papar.



A delegation of Ulu Papar and Bundu Tuhan community researchers presented the Resolution to Dr. Joachim Gunsalam, Chairman of the Sabah Parks Board of Trustees, in a special session held on 9 July 2012. As the authority in charge of the Crocker Range Park, gaining the support of Sabah Parks has been crucial for the Ulu Papar community. A significant point in the Resolution is the call to accelerate the implementation of Community Use Zones within the Park. After receiving the resolution, Dr. Joachim Gunsalam stated that Sabah Parks will strive to achieve this, and since then, the resolution has been used as a reference during a discussion with relevant government agencies and stakeholders on the formulation of the Ulu Papar Community Use Zone.

 Presentation on Transmission of Traditional Knowledge during the Congress. Photo by Remmy Alfie AwangRoundtable session to draft resolution. Photo by Harry Jonas.

See our FB album for more images of the Ulu Papar Biocultural Heritage Congress.

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